Big Apple Bull Terrier Rescue
P.O. Box 3215  /  Church Street Station
New York, New York  10008-3215

Big Apple Bull Terrier Rescue is no longer active.  If you adopted a dog from us (or we helped you in the past with your bully's behavior or health problems) and you need to reach us, please email 

We still have one wonderful dog who needs a permanent home:  Jack.  You can learn about him on our Adopt a Pet and Petfinder pages.

And we have yet another wonderful dog who still needs a boatload of medical care, so any contributions to her vet bills would be greatly appreciated. Her name is Delilah, and she was pulled from the New York City shelter with several health problems one of which is defying diagnosis. She will be going to a specialist at Tufts University for advanced procedures to determine the cause of her problem. You can read all about her, and get news of  our May 2016 fundraiser, by following Delilah's Diary on Facebook.  There will be plenty of unique, mostly bull-terrier-themed items for sale and auction, and at all price points. 

If you'd like to donate directly, you can mail donations to the address above, or email us at for address and phone number of the veterinary office and a copy of the veterinary estimate. You can also donate via Paypal (Enter our email addy:

We are forever grateful to our supporters and adopters and most of all to the dogs, who kept us humble and introduced us to so many good and decent people.

We remain responsible for all the dogs we placed, until the end of  their days, so if you adopted a dog from us and can no longer keep it, contact us and we will rehome your bullie in an equally loving household.  All prior adoption contracts remain in force.

If you wish to adopt a bull terrier, contact one or more of the rescues below that that place dogs in the Northeast.

Bull Terrier Club of America's Rescue Welfare Trust:  (the national breed rescue organization)  Click your state and neighboring states on their map to see some of the available dogs and to email the rescue coordinators in your area (not just your state, but adjoining states too). Their website is not always kept up to date; they may have more dogs available than are listed.)  Click here for their Facebook page. 

Blue Ridge Bull Terrier Club (based in Virginia, but have foster homes in NY, NJ and PA and will adopt to those and abutting states)  Their Facebook page is They may have more dogs available than are posted so write to inquire and/or fill out an application.

Bull Terrier Rescue of Virginia  (also based in Virginia, but will adopt to states north)  Their Facebook page is  They may have more dogs available than are posted so write to inquire and/or fill out an application.

Miniature Bull Terrier Club of America rescue committee , the national rescue group for mini bullies. Find their application at or visit their Facebook page.  

Just4Keeps is a Toronto-based rescue that will occasionally adopt to homes near the Ontario border. or visit their Facebook page.

Ivy Roads Canine Rescue is another Canadian-based rescue that will adopt to homes close to Ontario. or visit their Facebook page

If you need to surrender your bull terrier or you know of a bull terrier in an area shelter, contact the rescue groups above to see if any or all of them can help.  

If you are in New York City, Animal Care and Control's Safety Net Program offers free and low-cost training, vet care, boarding, supplies, and landlord/tenant advice to help people keep their pets.  They can be reached by phone at (917) 468-2938.  Not in New York City?  Check with your local shelters.  They may offer similar programs.  And if you have a legal issue preventing you from keeping your bull terrier, see if any of the resources at the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals site can assist.


The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals is a public-private partnership developing creative solutions to the issues of animal care and control in New York City.  We encourage you to support their affiliated organizations, services and businesses. 

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